Son loses family to corona: father, mother and brother died after a meal in one week

The coronavirus has claimed victims within a family that was not in demand with the vaccine: a British son must continue without his father (73), mother (65) and brother (40). They died within a week of a joint dinner in Portugal. โ€œThey fell prey to propaganda and were afraid of the vaccine.โ€

According to the surviving son Francis Goncalves from Cardiff, himself 43 years old, his family fell for anti-vaccination propaganda and conspiracy theories. He is devastated and now wants to warn about the consequences of the virus overwhelmed from China. โ€œWhy would the government want to hurt you with a vaccine? What‘s the goal behind that?โ€ he wonders out loud against the Daily Mail. He is convinced that at least his 40-year-old brother, who had settled in Portugal just like his parents, had been helped with a shot.

Francis’s mother already had underlying health problems and his father was recently hospitalized because of kidney stones. The Briton was painfully surprised when his brother, ‘the healthiest person he knew, ‘died suddenly. โ€œIf he wasn‘t in the gym, he went for a walk. He hadn’t drunk for 15 years and ate only according to a plant-based diet.โ€

The Francis family lived in Portugal. Presumably his father contracted corona during his previous hospitalization, without knowing that he would soon return there unintentionally. A few days after eating, they began to feel sick. A test was positive. Within a week, all three family members died. In Portugal, more than 60 percent of the population has been injected against covid.