Son of doesnt feel pressure: Try to make my own name at Feyenoord

Jaden Slory, like his father and former pro Andwelé Slory, is a right-winger, but he tries to make a name for himself at Feyenoord on his own. He is currently playing for Feyenoord O18 and gets praise from his youth trainer Melvin Boel.
According to Boel, Jaden Slory is a modern right-footed offsideplayer. Players need to feel that its not always about them. You have a role within the team and I am convinced that if you are good as a team, you can excel as an individual. And Jaden has specific qualities with his one-to-one, speed and possible scoring ability, says the coach to RTV Rijnmond.
Father Andwelé played just over fifty games for the Rotterdammers. Of course, that gives a bit of pressure, the son of, says Boel. But Andwelé is not always at the matches, so as not to put the pressure on them. And most of all, he lets Jaden do his own thing. Football was also different in the time of Andwelé, other things are being asked. I just think it
s a tremendous quality of a father who sometimes lets go of a son in it. The pressure on players is sometimes high enough.
Jaden does not experience any extra pressure from his father himself. Hes really just saying have fun, just do your thing. For the rest, he doesnt interfere much with it. Only in a positive way. Im not concerned with my last name either, Im trying to make my own name. Hopefully I will be able to go to De Kuip soon. Just train, show that Im there.