Son of Filipino dictator Marcos wants to be president

A son of Filipino dictator Ferdinand Marcos (1917-1989) has announced that he was throwing to the presidency. The parents of Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr., ruled the Asian country from 1965 until their fall in 1986 and have become notorious worldwide for corruption and the disposal and squandering of public money.

His mother Imelda spent a wealth of parties, clothes and shoes, giving Filipino English a new word: Imeldific. That means shamelessly vulgar and extravagant. The Marcos family resurrected to the United States during a popular uprising, but returned in the 1990s and has been working on a return to the center of power ever since.

Ferdinand jr. was first active in regional politics and became a senator in 2010. Imelda was a member of parliament and was only sentenced to a prison sentence for corruption in 2018. It was about flooding hundreds of millions of dollars to Switzerland in the 1970s.

The presidential election will take place next May next year.