Son of former dictator Gadhafi released in Libya

Libya released Saadi Kadhafi, the last son of the murdered former dictator who was still trapped in the country. He was allowed to leave prison in Tripoli yesterday and reportedly left for Turkey.

48-year-old Saadi was Kadhafis third son. He made a career as a professional footballer in Libya and became captain of the Libyan team and chairman of the Libyan football association. A short period of time in the Italian Serie A came to an end after doping.

During the violent uprising that killed his father in 2011, he led the countrys security forces. About a month before his father was lynched, he fled to neighbouring Niger.

Although that country initially granted Saadi and his family asylum on humanitarian grounds, he was expelled to his native country in 2014 because he did not comply with the conditions. He was acquitted of the murder of a critical footballer in 2018, but still prosecuted for his role in his fathers regime.

Prime Minister Dbeibeh did not say why Saadi is now at large at its release. He merely tweeted that the country cannot move forward without reconciliation. Local media reports the judge acquitted him of wrongdoing during the Arab Spring.

Presidential Ambitions

Kadhafi had eight sons, all of whom played a role in his regime. His son Muatassim was killed shortly after his father was found in a shelter by a raging crowd. Two other sons had already died during the Civil War.

Seif al-Islam, the eldest son and intended successor, was released by Libya in 2017. He would have the ambition to take part in the presidential election that the country wants to hold in December.