Song festival candidates rehearse for the first time in Ahoy

After about two weeks of technical rehearsals, a part of the participants of the Eurovision Song Contest climbs onto the Rotterdam Ahoy stage for the first time on Saturday. The Roop is biting off on behalf of Lithuania. The group is also the first act of the first semi-final on May 18.

In addition to Lithuania, Slovenia, Russia, Sweden, Northern Macedonia and Ireland will take action on Saturday. There is also space reserved for Australia, but singer Montaigne is not there. Because of local coronar restrictions, she is not allowed to travel to Europe. She‘s the only one absent at the Song Contest for the time being.

The Utrecht singer Stefania, who comes out for Greece, rehearses for the first time on Monday. Jeangu Macrooy, the Dutch entry, is only on Thursday. He is already assured of a place in the finals due to Duncan Laurence’s 2019 win and therefore has to wait longer. Participants from Italy, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Spain, the so-called ‘Big 5’, only then come into action.

Every country has twice the time to perfect its act. The first rehearsal lasts thirty minutes and the second twenty. Then there are so-called dress rehearsals, in which the complete shows are completed.