Song Festival winner undergoes drug test after accusations of coke use

To dispel all the rumors that Damiano David, Mรฅneskins frontman, would have sniffed coke, he will be tested for drugs as soon as he returns to his home country. The EBU, which organises the Eurovision Song Contest, announced this in a statement on Sunday.

From images circulating on social media the singer seems to be keen on a line of coke. You can see how the singer of the Italian rock group bends forward to the table and makes a seemingly sniffing movement. Mรฅneskin won the song festival on Saturday with their song Zitti E Buoni.

According to EBU, there were no drugs present in the green room where the candidates were waiting for the score count. There would have been a glass broken at the table of Italy and the singer would have cleaned this glass. EBU initiated an investigation and found that a broken glass was indeed found. EBU further examines the images and later comes up with more information, is stated in the statement.

During the press conference after the Song Contest, Damiano swore that he had not used drugs. The group also announced on social media that it was ready to be tested for drugs. โ€œWe are shocked that some people claim Damiano is using drugs. We are against drugs and have never used cocaine,โ€ says the formation. โ€œWe are ready to be tested, because we have nothing to hide. We are here to play our music and we are very pleased with the victory of the Eurovision Song Contest.โ€

According to the drug advisory centre Jellinek, cocaine can be found in a urine test for up to eight days.