Sony announces VR helmet for PlayStation 5

A new VR helmet will be released for the PlayStation 5, Sony announced. The device, which has not yet received a name, will absorb all the experience gained during the development and use of PlayStation VR. The new helmet should be a technological breakthrough.

It will connect to the console using a single cord and provide much higher performance and interactivity. And when developing a special VR controller, DualSense.

The creators of the future VR device promise that with it in supported games will increase the resolution and expand the field of view. However, work on the helmet is still at an early stage, so in 2021 it is not worth waiting.

Recall that PlayStation 5 owners can still use PlayStation VR helmets, but for this they need a special adapter. In addition, the helmets of the previous generation do not support DualSense controllers and are not compatible with the new camera.

Last year, Sony issued a patent for a device called PSVR 2. It declared two cameras and nine LED indicators, as well as a unique โ€œtransparencyโ€ mode that allows you to see the real world outside the game.

The device should also work as wireless. It is not yet known what will come into the real prototype.

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