Sony expects PlayStation 5 shortfall to continue into 2022

In a meeting with analysts, Sony Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki said the PlayStation 5 shortfall would continue into next year. โ€œI doubt demand for the console will decline this year. Even if we manage to increase circulation next year, it is likely that demand will exceed supply.

โ€ Earlier on the quarterly report, Totoka noted that in the โ€œshort termโ€ improvements The situation on the market is not expected – the console will be in short supply. The company did not exclude that they could make any technical changes in an attempt to increase circulation.

According to the media, PS5 production on a more efficient 6-nanometer chip may be launched next year. Despite the shortfall, PS5 sales exceed the results of the PS4 for a similar period โ€” so far marginally, but Sony intends to widen the gap in favor of the new system.

For now, the PlayStation 5 remains the fastest-selling console in history. More on CCeit Now Ubisoft games will start marking on the manner Netflix New battles and legendary weapons in the trailer of Season 2 of the series โ€œRagnarokโ€ media: Disney nominated Gina Carano at Emmys despite being fired.