Sony has a thoughtful plan for movie set “Spider-Man”

President of Sony Pictures Motion Group Sanford Panich said that Sony has a plan for Spider film selennu. According to him, soon viewers will understand the direction in which the studio will move in the future, and in particular this will clarify a new film about the hero – No Way Home. In addition, Panich hinted that Spider characters from Sony movies still have to cross with Peter Parker from MCU.

Sony supposedly does not think about spider characters exclusively within the framework of of his individual worlds, and considers them in the context of the whole Marvel. Panic also advised viewers to wait for the new part of Venom, mentioning that the main characters meeting with Parker would be very entertaining.

Judging by his hints, Craven may appear in the picture, and the chances of a story about the Sinister Six also did not disappear. It seems that once again we are talking about the multiverse, which should be presented in new picture with Tom Holland.

According to rumors, it is thanks to her that the hero will have to fight the enemies of other Spiders from past films. More on CCeit Stephen King called the scariest movie he was afraid to inspect Release Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis will take place June 9 Among Us: the number of active PC-players in day rises to 2M after giveaway starts at EGS.