Sony launches amusement park based on studios film projects

Sony and Amazon Falls are launching an amusement park in Thailand called Columbia Pictures Aquaverse. Visitors to the park will be able to visit various entertainment attractions (water and not only), created based on the projects of the studios – both films and animation tapes. Among them: โ€œPeople in Blackโ€ โ€œGhostbustersโ€ โ€œBad Guysโ€ (car racing) โ€œJumanjiโ€ โ€œHotel โ€œTransylvaniaโ€ & laquo; Catch the waveโ€ โ€œCloudy, precipitation is possible in the form of meatballsโ€ โ€œVivoโ€.

Formally, studios simply reequip the old standard park for their projects. At the same time, earlier rides based on Sony tapes appeared in parks of other studios like Universal.

The parks opening is due this October. More on the Gaming Dying Light 2 can be fully passed in the co-op Crysis large-scale improved for PS5 and Xbox Series – for each three modes Nier Replicant โ€œalready long agoโ€ went to gold – free DLC is prepared for the game.