Soon to catch millions for Giakoumakis, now feast on his goals

Sell or retain? That is the question that Venlo holds in the grip these days. Giorgos Giakoumakis, attracted for 200,000 euros by VVV-Venlo last summer, has become a real goal machine in six months.

His grades are dizzying. With sixteen hits, he leads the top scoring list. Last week the Greek striker scored four goals in the match against ADO Den Haag, a few days earlier he was twice sure against Willem II.

Because of all these goals, the transfer value of Giakoumakis, contracted in Venlo until the summer of 2022, probably increased by several million.

Predicted: football manager Stan Valckx has not had any interested clubs on the phone yet. But he also understands only too well that the surefire attacker is playing in the spotlight.

Devils dilemma

And he also knows that theres a dilemma. A million-dollar transfer seems attractive to the club housekeeping. But a tourist office without Giakoumakis would increase the degradation concerns in Venlo again, with all the financial consequences that entail.

โ€œ The ideal scenario is to sell now, but let him play here until the summer,โ€ explains Valckx. To quickly add: โ€œNot that this possibility is already present or anything, but that would be an option.โ€

For now, Valckx is waiting quietly. โ€œGiorgos wants to stay here. Of course, if there comes something that none of us can say no to, then it will happen. But those omens are not there yet.โ€

Meanwhile, Giakoumakis is intransibly finishing his training sessions with the selection. And then he also enjoys the special attention of spider trainer Frank Demouge, who once had a nose for the goal. Demouge can imagine everything in the flow that the Greek is now in.

โ€œ I have experienced it myself at Willem II. In the first 13 matches, I think I made 14 goals. Thats really good for a striker. It gives confidence. And therefore round off your balls differently than you would if you havent set goals yet.โ€

Fantastic lobe instead of hard bang

Demouge sees that in the game of Giakoumakis. โ€œYou are a bit calmer for the goal, where you otherwise choose security and want to shoot hard. Now you see hes making some fantastic lobules, which he would otherwise shoot hard.โ€

It becomes an upward spiral, in many ways. โ€œTheres a kind of adrenaline coming loose. You feel strong, youre gonna work even harder. Its all a bit along.โ€

โ€œ You see him now also making goals that would not go in if things were bad. But its not the case that he makes all kinds of badges, he also makes great goals.โ€

Every day Demouge and his spires Giakoumakis and Jafar Arias stand together on the training field. The trainer does not want credits for the success that the Greek thrill is currently enjoying. โ€œI dont think its because he scores so much.โ€

But for Giakoumakis, the collaboration with Demouge is a revelation. โ€œI feel blessed to be allowed to work with Frank. Ive never had a pee trainer before. It should have every club in the world.โ€

Giakoumakis makes grateful use of Demouges advice. โ€œFinishing how to move, how to use my body.โ€

Horny for the goal

A few times a week Demouge works with his spires focused on finishing. โ€œWe train in many different competition situations,โ€ says the trainer. โ€œThen I play as a defender and he must untie himself. Either stand at the first pole at the right time, or turn away and shoot at goal.โ€

Until his arrival at VVV-Venlo, Giakoumakis was not exactly a goal machine. But after six months in the top division, that spell seems broken.

โ€œ I think Giorgos and Jafar will also score their goals at other clubs, in other competitions. Giakoumakis is very horny for the goal to make a goal.โ€

โ€œ He can headlines, is strong, aggressive in his game, left-legged and right-legged. I think hes gonna make them everywhere right now. But let him stay here for a while.โ€