“Sounds strange, but I think we played a really good game”

Alfred Schreuder explains why he did not appeal to Owen Wijndal against SSC Napoli (4-2). The Ajax trainer brought Youri Baas to Jorge Sánchez halfway through the second half.
Before the start, Schreuder confirmed that Sánchez, who has just returned from an injury, could not play an entire game in Naples. Instead of Wijndal, the practitioner brought the eighteen-year-old Boss. Because Baas has been doing well for a long time. He is eighteen and fit. Wijndal was injured for five weeks, he explains to RTL 7.
Wijndal only played in a Jong Ajax exhibition match. And Baas is doing just fine too, Schreuder continues. So I choose Baas and not against Wijndal. It‘s a Champions League level game though, we shouldn’t forget that. Despite the defeat, Schreuder looks back with satisfaction at the game in Stadio Diego Armando Maradona. It sounds really weird, but I actually think we played a really good game.