Sour grapes at Van Hanegem

Willem van Hanegem is grumpy about Super Sunday. De Kromme saw that his Feyenoord lost unnecessarily to PSV, while competitor Ajax also lost points not much later.
Feyenoord lost 4-3 to PSV, while Ajax fell 2-1 at AZ. The Rotterdammers would now be on top if they had won in Eindhoven. That Feyenoord did not benefit, even though that team played before Ajax took action, that made me grumpy, Van Hanegem starts his column in the Algemeen Dagblad.
โ€œPSV has been terrible in recent weeks, and if youre already 0-1 in the Philips Stadium after three minutes, you have the weapons to give PSV a big bang. But Feyenoord started building 0-1 on a slippery field, I think, and played in people who were covered for a very short time by PSV members, who obviously had to move forward after a backlog.
โ€œFeyenoord really left it alone and that wasnt necessary,โ€ concludes Van Hanegem. โ€œAnd no, I dont scale them that high because they won against Sturm Graz. They couldnt do much of it, although its hard to do more than win 6-0. PSV was shorter than those Austrians, but that team would also have become desperate if it had stayed 0-1 longer or if Feyenoord had been less sloppy and had waited for the spaces for the 0-2.