South Africa Ex-President Zuma conditionally out of prison for health

Former President of South Africa Jacob Zuma has been paroled from prison. He served a fifteen-month sentence. The decision was made because of the poor health of 79-year-old Zuma, South African authorities say.

Zuma has been in prison for contempt of the rule of law since July. He refuses to appear at a committee investigating corruption practices at the time Zuma was president. He led the country between 2009 and 2018.

According to the prison ministry, Zuma will remain under strict supervision for the rest of his sentence. A statement states that Zuma will have to comply with a โ€œspecific set of measuresโ€. They are not specified further.

At the moment, Zuma is in the hospital, but if his treatment is done, he can return home. What exactly is wrong with him is unclear.

Large-scale riots

Because of his hospitalization, the treatment of another corruption lawsuit was postponed a few weeks ago. Critics suspect that Zuma is using his medical problems as an excuse not to be trial. The continuation of the corruption case is now scheduled for September 9.

Despite the allegations of corruption, Zuma is still very popular with a part of the population. When he was imposed in July, it led to large-scale riots and looting that killed 300 South Africans.

Those riots took place in Gauteng, economic and politically the most important part of the country, and in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. Zuma comes from that province.