South Africa Rap Death Till: 117 Deaths

The death toll caused by the turmoil in South Africa due to the imprisonment of former President Jacob Zuma has risen from 72 to 117, and the number of people arrested on suspicion of riot involvement has risen to more than 2200, the authorities reported.

Previously, the government reacted of 1250 detainments. Minister Khumbuzo Ntshaveni announced that a number of suspected instigators of the violence have also been arrested.

Zuma riots

The unrest started a week ago because of Zumas confinement. The 79-year-old politician has been sentenced to fifteen months in prison for not cooperating in an investigation into corruption during his presidency. Despite these allegations, the former president is still popular among a large proportion of the population. Zuma denies the allegations.

Transport food blocked

Khumbuzo Ntshaveni said Thursday that around 10,000 soldiers have now been deployed to restore peace. She said about a hundred reports of violent incidents came in Wednesday and that there are less than thirty on Thursday.

The unrest are most heaviest in the KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng regions. The riots disrupted public transport and blocked the transport of food and medicine. Numerous telecommunications towers have also been destroyed.