South Pole: “faster than ever” how giant glaciers disintegrate

Europe. – The disintegration of glaciers in the South Pole is dramatically represented in new satellite images. The European Space Agency created a video with high-speed images of two glaciers in Antarctica breaking and issued a severe warning.

The images were taken between 2014 and 2020. They show that huge glaciers break faster than ever in Antarctica, according to the agency.

Experts say glaciers have taken the first step to disintegrate and cause sea level to rise dramatically. They have enough water between them to raise the overall sea level by more than 3 feet.

The Pine Island Glacier and Thwaites Glacier cover an area the size of Norway.

Fracture of ice sheets in recent decades is the result of ocean warming, causing glaciers to bilge, melt and retreat.

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According to the agency, using observations of ESA, NASA and USGS satellites, researchers explored the Pine Island and Thwaites glaciers at Amundsen Sea Embayment: two of the most dynamic glaciers on the Antarctic continent and responsible for a substantial 5 per cent of global sea level rise.

Predicting how these vital glaciers will evolve in the coming years is critical to understanding the future of our seas and our warming planet, but such predictions remain uncertain, and computer models cannot fully explain the processes and properties of glaciers in their projections.