Southern Spain forest fires under control thanks to hours of rainfall

The wildfires in Sierra Bermeja nature reserve in southern Spain have been controlled by raining. A huge forest fire has been raged in a strip of about 85 kilometers since Wednesday. About 10,000 hectares have been destroyed, the regional government says. A firefighter died.

The fire hasn‘t been completely extinguished yet, but it’s under control. โ€œThe hours of rain was the best ally in the fire department,โ€ says regional leader Juanma Moreno.

Some thousand firefighters and fifty aircraft and helicopters have been deployed to fight the fire. The army was deployed as well. All these resources were not enough to extinguish the fires.

More than 2500 people in surrounding villages were evacuated. They were all allowed back home yesterday. โ€œThe fire is almost certainly lit, we are doing everything we can to find those responsible,โ€ says the regional board. According to the authorities, the fire arose on two points, indicating arson.