Soyuzmultfilm makes “Water Formula” cartoon on Unreal Engine

Soyuzmultfilm Studio is working on the Water Formula project, and it will be the first full-length animated film in Russia created on the Unreal Engine. This technology will reduce the time spent on work in half. This is a very laborious process, much more technologically intensive than the production of traditional animations, but if it works out, it would shoot twice as fast as a film using traditional animation technology.

That is, Unreal Engine with the right approach to it will almost double the production of animation. This is very important for us.

Yuliana SlashchevaAbout the work on a project unique for Russia was announced during a training at Artek for the finalists of the All-Russian Competition & laquo; Big change. According to Slashcheva, the usual period of work on such a project takes four years, and with the help of Unreal Engine it can be done in two years.

The Water Formula is planned to be released in 2023 . Its action takes place on a post-apocalyptic planet, almost completely flooded by the ocean.

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