SP disbarred six ‘radicalized attic room communists’

The SP has expelled six members from the party because, according to the party summit, they wanted to take over the party and had plans for an armed civil war, Nieuwsuur reports. Those involved themselves speak of a โ€œwitch huntโ€ to nip critical sounds in the bud.

The six are members of the Communist Platform and the Marxist Forum. According to them, these are divisions within the party, but the SP finds both groups separate political parties. โ€œThey have their own ideology, their own program, their own governance and their own decision-making, so its a political party in all respects,โ€ says SP Secretary Arnout Hoekstra in the broadcast. SP Members may not be members of any other Party.

The members involved are critical of possible cabinet participation by the SP and want open discussion about this within the party. According to Hoekstra, that space is indeed there, but the disbarred members are โ€œradicalized attic chamber communists.โ€ They disagree with the expulsion and want to challenge it at a congress in December.


Olaf Kemerink, one of the six, was a candidate to join the board of ROOD, the youth organisation of the SP. Next Saturday, a general assembly of members will vote on a new board. According to critical SP members, Kemerink was disbarred because he would be too radical for board member.