SP does not participate in municipal elections Rotterdam

The SP does not participate in the municipal elections in Rotterdam in March. Thats what the members of the Rotterdam department of the SP, where it has been a bumblebee for months, decided.

Last week, former leader Theo Coskun from the SP department Rotterdam came back to draw the election list of the party in the elections. The list of candidates with Coskun in 1st place had to be definitively fixed last night, but the members meeting voted against taking part in the elections.

It has been rumbling within the Socialist Party in the Maasstad for a long time. The national SP suspended the Rotterdam board in November, because the board had put disloyal SP ers on the candidate list.

New batch

were members who were kicked out of the party because they are also members of the former youth branch Red and/or the Marxist Forum. In a lingering conflict, the party summit spoke of, among other things, โ€œradicalized communists who want to take over the partyโ€.

At the

end of December, a group of Rotterdam (ex) -SP ers decided to set up a new party under the name Socialists 010, who wants to participate in the municipal elections with a program that is roughly the same as that of the SP.


Intended SP party leader Coskun tells RTV Rijnmond that it is โ€œtoo bizarre for wordsโ€ that members voted against participation in the elections yesterday.

According to him, the members meeting was hijacked. โ€œThis has been an action by people who have already decided to join Socialists 010 and have only stayed members to push this decision through it.โ€

Tijs Hardam founder of Socialists 010 strongly denies the accusation. โ€œWe are given a kind of magical role here, everything she doesnt like is a conspiracy. But the answer is: no, we didnt.โ€