SP protest attracts 2000 people: ‘if it’s up to Rutte, we’ll be in a ski suit all winter’

The Prinsjesdag protest in The Hague is estimated to have brought about 2,000 people to their feet. The SP organized the action in the run-up to Prinsjesdag, next Tuesday, to advocate an emergency plan against rapidly rising costs.

Many protesters carried SP red flags. They gathered at the Koekamp, near the Malieveld. There, among others, SP leader Marijnissen spoke to them.

She said that the cabinet is risking peoples security of existence by doing little or nothing for people who can no longer pay their bills, while large companies are making โ€œhistoric profitsโ€.

Marijnissen wants a price limit for the energy bill. On that point, the cabinet is negotiating with the energy companies. But according to her, a price cap alone does not go far enough and energy companies should be nationalized.

She spoke on stage with various SP members. Raymond said that if its up to Prime Minister Rutte, we should be in a ski suit all winter:

The protesters, who came from all over the country, walked behind a large banner saying โ€œEnough now!โ€ across town. They carried signs with them with texts such as โ€œWe want a reliable governmentโ€.

Wilders: too little, too late

Today, De PVV also responded to the leaked Prinsjesdag plans. Party leader Wilders also believes that too little purchasing power support is being done. โ€œIf it comes, its probably too little and certainly too late.โ€

โ€œThey are making the middle class the new underclass,โ€ says Wilders. โ€œMeanwhile, the borders are wide open, the Netherlands is flooded with fortune seekers and farmers are being tormented and bullied. This cabinet is bad for the Netherlands and governed, so get out of here!โ€