Space Crew is preparing a ‘legendary edition’ for fantastic adventure

Publisher Curve Digital and studio Runner Duck have announced they are preparing a free Legendary Edition update to their intergalactic adventure strategy Space Crew. It is released on 21 October. The Space Crew: Legendary Edition expansion will include: a story-driven campaign with new enemies, gear, liveries, captains and upgrades; Away Team missions that for the first time allow you to leave the ship and with three team members go on new missions to outposts and other ships where youll have to fight and solve puzzles; legendary crew members with superb characteristics and special skills that can be found and saved.

Space Crew, the sequel to Bomber Crew, sends players to the far future, on a massive intergalactic battle. In the game, we must defend Earth and travel across the galaxy, reflecting the threats of aliens and androids.

The game received very positive reviews on Steam. In honor of the announcement of the massive update, the game is on sale on Steam at a discount until October 20.

You can buy different versions of the edition, while the standard edition costs 174 rubles. More on Gamermania Evil Genius 2: World Domination is released on consoles November 30 Star Wars Collections Jedi Knight and Star Wars Racer and Commando will release on PS4 and Switch Players War Thunder filmed video supporting the film about Lydia Litvyak.