Space horrors and shootouts in Haunted Spaces announcing video

Publishing house Merge Games, in collaboration with the studio Italian Games Factory, announced an immersive space simulator Haunted Space for next-generation consoles. The game has no release dates yet, but it will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC. Action Haunted Space takes place in the distant future: humanity has entered the second era, people are mastering space, and in the galaxy Netheran found new matter, a powerful source of new energy.

And while millions of settlers arrive to work in a new factory, it is discovered that people are not alone. Players will be allowed to freely explore the galaxy, undertake missions, make alliances, explore secrets of the former civilization, trade and fight.

Among our opponents are terrifying giants of space debris and organic matter, ancient godlike colossus, battles with which will be multistage. To bring space flight pleasure to all players, the game has a co-pilot function.

We can set in the settings how deeply we want to control the system of the ship and its control. More on the Gambling Authors Guacamelee announced the role action movie Nobody Saves the World Magic adventure The Wild at Heart is released on May 20 โ€œHands on the table! โ€œ: Subverse went into early access.