SpaceX missile successfully launched onboard citizens only rocket

For the first time in history, a spacecraft with only โ€œamateur astronautsโ€ on board has been brought into orbit around the Earth. The SpaceX spaceship was launched last night from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 02.02 am.

And so the launch went:

Onboard the Inspiration4 are 38-year-old internet billionaire Jared Isaacman, who pays the flight and acts as captain. He brings three passengers: someone who survived cancer as a child and two winners of competitions he has issued.

The four space tourists reach a maximum of 540 kilometers from the Earth. After a stay of about three days in space, the vessel returns to Earth. The vessel descends in the Atlantic by parachute.


By the way, the four โ€œamateur astronautsโ€ are not the very first space tourists. However, this is the first long-term mission dedicated exclusively to space tourism. There are more planned. Commercial space company Axiom wants to bring four tourists to the International Space Station (ISS) early next year.

Earlier this year, billionaires Jeff Bezos (Blue Origin) and Richard Branson (Virgin Galactic) took a space jump. With todays milestone, billionaire Elon Musk is the first to get a full burger crew into space.