SpaceX space company worth $44 billion

SpaceX, the space company of Tesla-boss Elon Musk, will get a value of 44 billion dollars in a new investment round. The Bloomberg press agency writes this on the basis of insiders around the talks. SpaceX hopes to raise 1 billion dollars from investors.

Space Exploration Technologies, as the full name of SpaceX reads, last raised money in March. At that time, investors paid USD 220 per share, which represents a value of USD 36 billion for the whole company. In current discussions with investors, SpaceX is betting $270 per share.

Recently, SpaceX has been in the news repeatedly. At the end of May, the company launched a manned rocket for the first time, which went to the international space station ISS. It was the first commercial rocket to bring astronauts to the ISS. SpaceX is also known for the reusable rockets it has developed.

The American bank Goldman Sachs recently wrote in a report that SpaceX could eventually be worth up to 175 billion dollars. The company has so far raised around $3.5 billion from investors. In addition to transporting astronauts and supplies for the American space organisation NASA, SpaceX also wants to offer fast Internet worldwide via hundreds of small satellites. Goldman Sachs expects that the company will be making money from 2033 onwards.