Spain applauds: ‘Those who want to beat us at the World Cup will have to suffer’

Luis Enrique is in jubilation after Spain‘s victory over Portugal. La Roja was freed with the fright on Tuesday and qualified for the Nations League Final Four with a late goal by รlvaro Morata, in which the Orange is one of the possible opponents.
For Spain, after the 2-1 defeat against Switzerland, things still looked little sunny. โ€œA win is the best antidote to all forms of grief,โ€ Luis Enrique responds in Spanish media. โ€œPortugal is top, top, top. I insisted that we have the ball in the first half, but there was little depth and that was my fault. After the break, I had the feeling that the goal would fall.โ€
However, Spain only struck after 88 minutes, while Portugal also got some opportunities. โ€œIf we had lost in the 85th minute, people would say it was a disaster,โ€ says the Spanish elector. โ€œBut I think the players did a good job. If you want to know what the mood is like in a team, all you have to do is look at the bench after a goal. Everyone is celebrating this win.โ€
Spain can now focus on the World Cup, where duels with Germany, Japan and Costa Rica await in Group E. โ€œA difficult World Cup awaits us due to the circumstances, but those who want to beat us will have to suffer,โ€ promises Luis Enrique, who believes he is well into his options. โ€œThe list does not include 26 names, but forty. It’
s a shame that players will lose weight, but we have to enjoy these moments.โ€

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