Spain condemns acts of vandalism before Moroccan Consulate in Valencia

The Autonomous Government of Valencia condemned the acts committed on Sunday by politicians in front of the Consulate General of Morocco in that Spanish city.

The Generalitat of Valencia condemns the acts committed this Sunday during a rally in front of the Consulate General of Morocco by certain individuals who have accessed the building in an attempt to remove the Moroccan flag, thereby undermining the inviolability, integrity and dignity of the consular headquarters, underlines a statement from the regional government.

The regional secretary for the EU and external relations of the Valencia government, Joan Calabuig, deeply regretted this act.

This is an act that is contrary to the law, violates the Vienna Conventions and directly affects the inviolability and dignity of the consular seat, said the regional official, quoted in the communiqué.

Joan Calabuig contacted the Consul General of Morocco in Valencia, Abdelillah Idrissi, to express to him his solidarity and condemnation of these unacceptable acts, the statement concludes.

Contacted by MAP, the Consul General of the Kingdom in Valencia stressed that the attack on the consular headquarters of the Kingdom of Morocco is a cowardly act that demonstrates the violent character of its perpetrators, noting that this heinous act reflects the degree of barbarity achieved by the polisario militias.

Mr Idrissi wished to express his thanks to the Spanish and Valencian authorities for their solidarity and their firm and prompt response.

As soon as notified, the Spanish authorities mobilized to protect the headquarters of the Consulate and condemn this irresponsible and unacceptable act, he said.