Spaniard eats share mother raw and cooked and needs to go to the cell.

A Spaniard who ate parts of his mother has been sentenced to fifteen years and five months in jail. The Madrid court considers the man guilty of strangles his mother and eating the body cut to pieces. A police officer said during the trial that the suspect told him at his arrest that he had eaten some parts raw, cooked others, and fed to his dog as well.

The perpetrator was nicknamed the cannibal of Ventas, referring to the district in the Spanish capital where the police had discovered the macabre remains in the mother and sons apartment. According to the judges, the convict was not psychically confused when he hit, and therefore he has to go to prison. He would have had drug problems. The five-month punishment is specific to morality. The man also has to pay a damages of 60,000 euros to his brother.

At the

beginning of 2019, the unsub had a fight with his 69-year-old mother. After strangling her, he began dividing the body with a saw and two kitchen knives into pieces โ€œto make it go away,โ€ the prosecutor stated. The suspect occasionally ate of the remains and kept other pieces in plastic boxes in the apartment and in the refrigerator. He had put other pieces in garbage bags and discarded.