Spaniards across the country to the streets after death gay man at nightclub

In some hundred places in Spain, people took to the streets because of the death of a gay man. Samuel Luiz was beaten outside a nightclub in A Coruña on Saturday to Sunday by seven men. The 24-year-old nurse died later in hospital.

According to witnesses, Luiz was video calling outside a nightclub. A man thought he was filmed by Luiz and said, Stop filming, or Ill kill you, fag. Before Luiz was able to respond, he was attacked by the man and a number of others, continuing to scold him.

Because of the epithets used, a homophobic motif of the perpetrators is obvious. The police do not rule that out, but say that more research should provide a conclusion on it.

In Barcelona and Madrid, among others, protesters took to the streets:

In A Coruña, in the northwestern region of Galicia, protesters gathered in a square in front of the Town Hall. Friends of Luiz wore T-shirts with his depiction. After a moment of silence, the crowd called for justice. The slant #justiciaparasamuel was used in different places.

In cities like Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao and Madrid, crowds also took the streets.

Politicians condemned the act. On Twitter, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said they have confidence that the police find the perpetrators. Sánchez did not speak of the possible motive.

According to most recent figures, the number of sexual orientation or gender hate crimes in Spain has increased by 8.6 percent. 278 incidents were reported in 2019.