Spanish coach Luis Enrique crystal clear: Well wait for him

Luis Enrique has no intention of putting Sergio Busquets out of the Spanish EK selection now that he is at home after a positive corontest. The federal coach says that the controller of FC Barcelona is assured of his place.
“We will wait for him, he will definitely be on the list”, explains Luis Enrique the routinier at a press conference. “He also feels well and is asymptomatic. He‘s training, too. We have contact with him, and he’s motivated. They say that if someone is asymptomatic, it is less contagious.”
Spain also got good news about Diego Llorente. The defender‘s positive test turned out to be false. With that, the coronapericles in the Spanish camp are over. The O21 team was called up for Tuesday’s practice duel with Lithuania (4-0), while six players prepare themselves in a “parallel bubble” in anticipation of a possible call.
Sergio Ramos didn‘t belong to those six. The Real Madrid captain struggled with the necessary injuries and was not summoned. “I did not hesitate to call Ramos,” says Enrique. “His situation hasn’t changed.”
Spain starts the European Championship on Monday with a match against Sweden in Seville. The other opponents in the group are Poland and Slovakia.