Spanish comedian ‘El Risitas’, famous for meme with hysterical laugh, died

Juan Joya Borja, a Spanish comedian who gained worldwide reputation through an interview in which he tells an anecdote with a hysterical smile, died at the age of 65. The comedian nicknamed El Risitas (the giggle) was in the hospital in Seville since September, where a leg was dropped off due to cardiovascular diseases.

In 2015, Joya grew into a phenomenon due to an interview in 2002 on Spanish television. An Egyptian channel taped its own fabricated subtitles under a fragment to make a fool of President Sisi. That fragment went viral. British newspaper The Guardian described his laugh as “a dolphin smoking a pack a day”.

As with the similar meme with an excerpt from the film Der Untergang in which Adolf Hitler rages against his generals, all kinds of creators pasted their own subtitles under the story of Joya. That grew into the Spanish Laughing Guy Meme.

In the best-known operation, Joya exposes his few teeth at the Macbook Pro that Apple presented in 2015, with no USB ports.

Watch that video below:

Other videos were, for example, about Joya meeting a supporter of flat earth theory, about the results evening of the Brexit referendum, or about the purchase of a new video card for a computer.

The original fragment comes from the program Ratones Coloraos. He tells presenter Jesús Quintero about the time he worked as a young man in a restaurant in the southern Spanish town of Chipiona. He was ordered to clean the paella pans in the sea at night.

When he returned in the morning, the ebb had passed into flood, and the pans were not only clean but also washed away. To the hilarity of Quintero and especially himself, El Risitas tells how to tell the cook that he could only have found one of the twenty pans.

Check out the original story with English subtitles below: