Spanish discos get views of summer opening

The nightlife in Spain can start to revive in regions with relatively few coronas from mid-August, but whether the dance floors will open is still unclear. Minister of Health Carolina Darias stated that the conditional reopening does not require a group immunity.

In regions where the number of infections remains below 50 cases per 100,000 population for two weeks, discos and clubs may be open until 3:00 a.m., although certain restrictions remain. Groups in nightclubs may consist of up to six people, but local media does not yet see whether they can be danced and have to be put on.

After consultation with regional directors, the Minister talked about โ€œa gradual return to normalityโ€, with lessons being learned.

Lukewarm reaction

The entertainment industry reacted lukewarm. The news that clubs can open after more than fourteen months was received as good news, but whether it is worth it remains to be seen. Nightlife in Spain is often only started in the small hours.

The regions have much to say about health policy in Spain, but binding agreements were made on Wednesday according to the government woman. In the capital Madrid, despite high contamination rates, cafes and restaurants are open until 01:00 at night. The unruly region rejects the conditions and wants to be flexible.

The contamination rate in Spain as a whole is 118.5 per 100,000, half compared to the end of April. The threshold of 50 is virtually nowhere met, but this can change the vaccination campaign.