Spanish media hard for Koeman and Barcelona: ‘The nightmare went on’

It‘s going to be tough days for Ronald Koeman and FC Barcelona, Spanish media predicts. Koeman hasn’t been able to take away the doubt against Granada for a moment. Barcelona escaped defeat to Granada in the last minute.
The newspapers don‘t turn around it: Koeman is going to have a hard time. Despite Barcelona being undefeated in LaLiga, the vulnerabilities in the attack are exposed, MARCA writes. Koeman made a number of changes. Gerard Piqué got a rest while Luuk de Jong, who didn’t impress Bayern, sat back on the couch. This Barça is light years away from Barça.
It‘s a drama. Granada sprints salt in the wound of an impotent Barcelona. This club isn’t terrifying anymore. The rivals lost respect, Granada made it clear. In the base eleven there were only five real base players: Marc-André Ter Stegen, Eric García, Sergio Busquets, Frenkie de Jong and Memphis Depay‘, the newspaper adds.
Koeman was more outside than inside. Until the 89th minute, he was lost until Araújo, the new idol at Camp Nou, dragged a tie out of the fire. There are several laws of life. The most important thing is that if something goes wrong, it probably gets worse. And Barcelona, a faithful follower of every pessimistic movement, applied aphorism from the start, MARCA writes.

Los defensores de Koeman reiteran que merece respeto porque es el héroe de Wembley, dicen que es cruyffista porque tiene un póster de Cruyff en el despacho y el otro día incluso leí que fue al entierro de Johan con la familia. ¿Argumentos futbolísticos? Ninguno.
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The chagrine prevailed at Camp Nou, concludes AS. There was a whistle throughout the game. There was a whistling after Coutinho’s second ball loss and that continued until Baldé‘s change. The public is an angry man who waits on the bus early Monday morning for someone to stand on him so he can fight. ‘ De Jong had to take care of the danger in the second half. The striker was taken as a backup for when things go wrong, but was allowed Bayern to start at the base. ‘Luuk had the chance out of a corner, but missed just two metres away. Ten minutes before, Barcelona played with three men in the front (Piqué, Luuk and Araujo) in the search for an air miracle. The only thing missing was Umtiti.
A lot of Araújo and little Barça in Koeman‘s first ‘final, ‘SPORT writes aptly. The paper refers to the crucial stage in which Koeman has ended up. His track hangs on a thread. A new, surreal chapter in the decline of Koeman’s Barcelona. The Catalans tied against Granada and did not show their best side. The game was decided with balls in the penalty area towards Luuk de Jong, Araújo and Pique. Thanks to an Araújo header, it turned 1-1, it was again the best.

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No one could believe it, the nightmare continued, SPORT writes about Granada‘s early 0-1. Granada gave the ball to Barcelona, knowing that Koemans players wouldn’t know what to do with it. Barcelona‘s game was static, only Memphis tried something different. For the rest, everything went to the wingers, who played the balls without an overview. (…) A draw for Barcelona, which doesn’t convince and keeps Koeman vulnerable.
Mundo Deportivo predicts tough days for Koeman and Barcelona. ‘
Barcelona played against a team that suddenly wins and draws after 25 consecutive defeats at Camp Nou. This could mean the outbreak of a storm. How heavy it is will have to turn out in the next few days. Araújo‘s goal has weakened the storm somewhat. It’s not that Barcelona didn‘t try it, but it just didn’t break through the Granada wall.