Spanish media want to resign for Koeman: ‘That should have happened in June’

The Spanish press puts Ronald Koeman‘s head on the chopping block. The Barcelona trainer saw his team lose 3-0 at Benfica on Wednesday night, and according to the media, it’s time for Koeman to leave.
Marca comes with a hard head. โ€œThe best thing is to leave: Koeman away from the bank of Barcelona and Barcelona itself away from Europeโ€, you can read. โ€œHe dares to give young players a chance, but is short as a tactics and trainer who can tilt a match. In normal times Koeman would be fired in the next few hours, but the way Barcelona handles things has long been no longer normal.
El Mundo Deportivo is also highly critical of Koeman’
s performance through leading journalist Edu Polo. โ€œThe biggest mistake that has been made is that they didn‘t fire him in June. Koeman showed last year that it’s not a coach who can lead Barcelona and that being the Wembley hero isn‘t the only argument he could do with. You just have to look at his career to know. And he’s not a Cruijffista either…

El gran error fue no cambiar al entrenador and junio. Koeman ya demostrรณ el aรฑo pasado que no era tรฉcnico para el Barรงa y que ser el hรฉroe de Wembley no era argumento suficiente para dirigir al equipo. Sรณlo hay que repasar sus 21 aรฑos como entrenador. Y the cruyffista teen poco…
โ€” Edu Polo (@EduPolo) September 29, 2021

The editor on duty of Diario SPORT, a Catalan sports newspaper, is already seeing the mood. โ€œThis team needs a change in leadership. Without a doubt, that should start with the technical staff, but also in the dressing room. There are players who don’t deserve to play for Barcelona. Koeman, of course, is not the only culprit in this situation, but he can‘t stay a minute longer as a coach. That would be implausible.โ€
La Vanguardia is completely blaming Koeman. ‘
The coach makes multiple mistakes and causes chaos at Barcelona, which is humiliated by Benfica. Koeman is a bad friend of his players, because his lineup and tactics were wrong. He did not shoot himself in the foot, no, he tied his own hands and legs. The team didn‘t play well and that was because of their own coach. ‘