Spanish OM demands 8 years in prison for dead Dutch film editor in Mallorca

The Spanish Public Prosecutor takes eight years in prison against Adrián H.F. for the killing of Dutch film editor Wouter van Luijn in 2018, reports the local newspaper Ultima Hora. The defendant must also pay 100,000 euros in damages to the parents of the victim, the prosecution demands.

Van Luijn died at the age of 34 on the Spanish island of Mallorca after being robbed and seriously assaulted at night. He was there on vacation with his father. Adrián H.F. struck Van Luijn in the face several times until he fell to the ground, Ultima Hora writes on the basis of the Spanish indictment. Once on the ground, Van Luijn would not have responded.

The suspect brought the unconscious Van Luijn to the hospital, where he died that same night from the consequences of a brain hemorrhage caused by the blows.

Bail free

The then 19-year-old Adrián H.F. was arrested a day after the assault by the Spanish police. He made varying statements. For example, he said he found the injured Van Luijn on the street and took it to the hospital. He later confessed that he had beaten Van Luijn, because the tourist peed on the street.

A year after the assault, the man was released on bail. So now the public prosecution is taking eight years in prison.

Four other young people, suspected of being involved in Van Luijns death, were acquitted by the juvenile judge in Mallorca in 2020. They had told the police that they had helped the injured Van Luijn in the car with which he was taken to the hospital. The four voluntarily participated in a DNA investigation to demonstrate their innocence.

Golden Calf

Van Luijn worked as an editor in the creation of dozens of Dutch films, including Wolf, Aanmodderfakker and Rabat. Posthumously, he received a Golden Calf for his work for the film We.