Spanish opposition parties ask for expenditure for Juan Carlos

The Spanish Deputy Prime Minister Carmen Calvo has to answer to Parliament for the guidance and security of King Emeritus Juan Carlos residing in Abu Dhabi (83). Nationalist opposition parties from the Basque Country and Catalonia, among others, asked for this on Thursday, reports online news site El Confidencial.

The questions came after El Diario had revealed that the king has three temporary staff with him, taking turns to take care of him. They were hired by Patrimonio Nacional, the authority that manages the National Heritage. In addition, there are also security guards with the retired king who took the ward to the United Arab Emirates August last year due to ongoing publications on his shadowy and possibly fraudulent financial trade and walking.

Earlier last year, King Felipe had decided to stop the annual allowance to his father. The opposition parties now want to know exactly how much state money is still being spent on Juan Carlos and why that is happening. Deputy Prime Minister Carmen Calvo, who is responsible for Patrimonio Nacional, had said on Wednesday that the king was no longer receiving money from the state.

The Basque Party Bildu wants to know the details of the agreement. โ€œThe refugee has been deprived of his allowance, but he has kept the services,โ€ says Mr Jon Iรฑarritu. The Galician party asked BNG for a statement of the costs of security and how long the government plans to spend money on Juan Carlos.