Spanish ‘smiling internet held’ Juan Joya Borja died

Spanish comedian Juan Joya Borja died at the age of 65, several Spanish media report.

Borja became an internet sensation worldwide because of his roaring laugh in a certain interview, many of which were made with his own subtitles, including after the Champions League match between Real Madrid and Ajax in 2019. not good, according to Spanish media, he would have been in hospital since 2020. Eventually he died this week after a long sickbed, although doctors did not want to release the exact cause of death.

Borjas iconic video, which is so often provided with alternative subtitles, dates back to 2002. He talks about his period as a cook in a fish restaurant, but that has been completely overtaken by all the different subtitles. In the Netherlands several versions have been made, among others about Max Verstappen and Ajax.

The Spanish comedian was so well-liked on the Internet that he was then asked for a number of commercials.