Sparta beats FC Groningen, leading role for Easkelie in the final phase

Sparta left three points at home from the game with FC Groningen: 2-1, and the end of the game will be discussed for a while.
Barring some opportunities in the initial phase, the first half scored a low grade. Sparta thought to get the lead after just twenty minutes by Adil Auassar, who was whistled back due to offside. For that, the arbitration took about three minutes. Auassar appeared to have been sidelined for millimeters. Sparta explicitly sought the attack, but Groningen defended in a disciplined manner.
Groningen, which had not been dangerous up to that point, broke the ban after an hour of play. Ricardo Pepi was ready to be changed, but took the 0-1 for a while. A good cross was placed behind Youri Schoonderwaldt, Nick Olijs replacement. After that, Pepi had to make way. The hit gave Groningen wings, but Sparta managed to tie the score again. Sven Mijnans scored, with the help of Neraysho Kasanwirjo, who did not look good at 1-1. Sparta even got more than just a point in extremis, but again needed help from a Groningen player. The Castle Club was allowed to dock from eleven meters after Mike Te Wierik took down Tobias Lauritsen. Unnecessary, but the question is whether it was a penalty kick. Remarkably, the VAR referee Danny Makkelie walked to the screen, but he did not change his decision. Vito van Crooij shot in and thus gave Sparta the three points.