Sparta closes disappointing transfer period with Greek and Van Stee statement

Sparta reinforced itself with a Greek midfielder shortly before the transfer deadline expired. Giannis Masouras comes from Olympiakos on a rental basis.
Masouras (25) can cover the entire right side. He plays for Sparta until the end of the season. โ€œWe had Giannis in sight for a long time, even last season when he played on a rental basis in Poland (Gรณrnik Zabrze, ed.), but in the end we reached agreement with Olympiakos to finish the season in Rotterdam,โ€ responds Technical Director Henk van Stee (photo) the club site.
Masouras has over a hundred games in the legs, including Champions League duels with Olympiakos. โ€œHe has speed, a good drive and likes to come to the opponent‘s penalty area,โ€ says Van Stee.
Sparta forced goodbye to Abdou Harroui (Sassuolo) and Laros Duarte (FC Groningen) on the closing day of the transfer period, which did not increase the selection. Van Stee: โ€œOf course, I am the first to stick my hand in my own bosom and, like our supporters, I expected more during this transfer period. However, we need to be realistic and stay close to ourselves and our vision.โ€
โ€œBy attracting Aaron Meijers earlier this week and Giannis Masouras today, we are taking the right path. We don’
t let us get away from our vision by getting players at all costs. In the past it has often been shown that panic purchases can lead to poor sporting outcomes. Even after the deadline that expires last night, we can strengthen our group of playersโ€, the Sparta Director stresses.

๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ท Sparta hires Giannis Masouras from Olympiakos
โ€” Sparta Rotterdam (@SpartaRotterdam) August 31, 2021