Sparta hopes for Okoye despite Ajax rumors: ‘That would be wise of him’

Henk van Stee, technical director of Sparta, does not expect Abdou Harroui to play for his club next season. He estimates the chances of staying the talented midfielder at ten percent.
There is a lot of interest in Harroui, the Algemeen Dagblad also knows. So the question for Van Stee is to what extent it is certain that the playmaker will leave this summer. โ€œI can estimate it at ten percent,โ€ it sounds. Thats not surprising either, because the Spartan pearls contract will expire in a year and the Rotterdammers hope to earn money from him.
For goalkeeper Maduka Okoye, who has been linked to Ajax, is also a lot of interest. However, the Nigerian is still in Het Castle for three more years and so Van Stee thinks he can keep him. โ€œFor Madukas development, it would be wise for him to play with us for another year anyway.โ€
The technical director himself also reports on the transfer market. Van Stee knows exactly what Sparta needs. โ€œAt least we want two more attacking midfielders,โ€ he says during the first training of the Rotterdammers. โ€œWe prefer to get them as fast as possible, but it takes some patience to make the right choices.โ€