Speaker of Chamber Arib reports threat Omtzigt

Secretary Chamber chairman Arib has reported the people who attacked MP Pieter Omtzigt in the center of The Hague yesterday, a spokesman confirms after a message from Trouw. During a demonstration against the corona policy, the CDA MP was hindered and threats were thrown to his head

At the House of Representatives building, around the Binnenhof and on the Plein, a grim atmosphere arose at the protest of several dozen people. The police were besieged, just like a reporter from broadcaster PowNed. Omtzigt also had to pay the price. “I’ll beat you to death”, he was called.

“You see grown-ups shouting in Pieter Omtzigt’s face, they touch him too,” says Arib to the newspaper. “That’s always undesirable and inappropriate, but now in this coronation period it’s extra sensitive.”

Bit of respect

On Twitter thanks Omtzigt people for the “many nice messages” he received after the incident. “As a representative of the people, I always engage in conversation with as many people as possible, even if they have a different opinion or do not feel heard. But always with a bit of respect for each other”, he writes.

“You may think it’s because of 5G, but you’re not gonna make a mess”, said Rutte:

Yesterday’s footage shows Omtzigt being followed, questioned, touched and intimidated for minutes by a handful of people. They ask him questions about the CDA leader’s election, which he narrowly lost to De Jonge, about which uncertainty has arisen. “What do you think of this vote fraud? Those six votes were for you.”

More often the Member of Parliament is accused of not keeping a meter and a half distance. The images show a woman standing in front of him and saying “now you’re coming into my one and a half meter”.

Different members of the government announced this morning that they were not happy with the course of the demonstration. Minister Wiebes of Economic Affairs and Climate, who himself was also insulted, called it “absolutely unacceptable” that the CDA MP was threatened. “It frightens me. You don’t mean it, it’s ridiculous.”

Whobes himself was called an “old crook”, so he got into his official car:

Minister Dekker for Legal Protection called the events “all not very pleasant”. He pointed out that there are other possibilities to express your displeasure. “To speak is good, don’t threaten. You can demonstrate, you can write letters, you can vote for another party.”

<"Outrageous," said Minister Grapperhaus of Justice and Security. "An MP does his job, you don't bother people with this kind of stuff." Minister De Jonge said the demonstrators have gone too far. "People in politics should be free to do their job. Harassment, intimidation and threats are really unacceptable."