Special edition of “Friends” censored in China – removed individual guests

Yesterday, a special issue of Friends premiered, where the cast of the original series came together on set. The event appeared at different venues around the world, including Russia, but in China show of memories managed to censor. The project was available at three local major online venues, each trimming content slightly.

In total, about 6 minutes of timekeeping were removed from the release – the latter is 1 hour 44 minutes. Some stars including Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and the band BTS were removed from the episode, as well as cameos from several fans of the non-traditional orientation series.

Apparently, guests were removed because of comments and actions in the past negatively affecting the image of China and its residents. All this, however, did not prevent the project from collecting a huge number of fans from the screens and earn a high appreciation of the audience.

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