Special edition of “Friends” set the record of views of “Amediateka”

The special issue of Friends of May 27 broke the viewing records of Amediateka, beating all competitors. For comparison, the figures of last weekend and weeks from 24 to 30 May were taken into account. In regards to viewer interest, the show bypassed Game of Thrones, Mair from Easttown and Sex and the Big City.

In total, from 27 to 30 May it was watched by 62% of users of the service. The number of users was 2.

5 times higher than that of the final of one of the most popular series last year — Wageback. At the same time, the registration rates at Amediatek during this period were 2 times higher than the standard norms for the period.

Friends performed well in the USA – the special was watched by 29% of viewers from the accounts of all streaming services, and among the audience was dominated by women (55. 4%) Popularity of the project affected China, although there, however, the issue was censored.

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