Special marathon gives European athletes chance to win ticket Olympic Games


the absence of any better, a special marathon will be organised on 11 April in Hamburg, Germany to give European athletes a chance to compete for the Olympic Games. Thanks to a Dutch sponsor, the event is called the NN Mission Marathon and is an initiative of the Dutch management agency Global Sports Communication.

On a completely closed course, some hundred athletes will start to qualify for the Olympic Games. Among them are six Dutch athletes: Bjรถrn Koreman, Mohammed Ali, Roy Hoornweg, Frank Futselaar, Benjamin de Haan and Jill Holterman.

In the Netherlands it is very exciting for the men who will participate in Sapporo in Japan this summer. Abdi Nageeye, the holder of the Dutch record of 2.06.17, is certainly participation, but also Bart van Nunen (2.10.16), Bjรถrn Koreman (2.11.07) and Frank Futselaar (2.11.30) met the limit of 2.11.30.

The Netherlands special committee

is allowed to delegate three athletes. In addition to Nageeye, the other two are appointed by a special commission that pays attention to the running times, but also to the development of performance.

โ€œ We also want to show that we are doing everything we can to give athletes a chance to marathon,โ€ says Jos Hermens, Director of Global Sports Communication. โ€œIn this case, it is extra special because it involves a qualifying opportunity for the Olympic Games.โ€

Jill Holterman hunts the women at the Olympic limit: 2.28.30. Until now, only Andrea Deelstra managed to get under that time.