Special photo of cottage on La Palma that managed to escape lava flow

The lava flow destroys entire villages on the Spanish island of La Palma. A special photo by photographer Alfonso Escalero shows that one cottage managed to escape the burning lava. The image went viral on Facebook.

Many photos of the La Palma natural disaster show buildings collapse and catch fire due to the lava flow. Chunks of red, red-hot lava shoot meters into the sky, while a toxic ash cloud descends around the volcano. But one cottage has been very lucky.

The photo graph of photographer Alfonso Escalero shows that a house in the El Paraรญso region (near the volcano) remains unscathed. The lava flow literally went around the house. It seems that the home has wonderfully managed to escape the natural disaster. But the photographer is worried that the house has been destroyed in the meantime as well. He doesnt dare to take another look, he confesses in his Facebook post.