Special promo Unibet: 50 times your stake in Ajax win over Rangers!

ADVERTORIAL – Ajax starts the European campaign on Wednesday evening and acts against Rangers FC in the group phase of the Champions League. The people of Amsterdam kick off at 6:45pm in their own Johan Cruijff ArenA. Bookmaker Unibet has released a special promo for this European squatter! In the event of an Ajax victory, you win back fifty times your stake! Bookmaker Unibet gives you the chance to earn big with this promo: in the event of a victory by Ajax, you get fifty times your stake back! The maximum bet is €1, which means you can earn €50. Please note that the promo is only available for players aged 24 and over.
How does the Unibet promo work?
Go to the Unibet website and create an account. When registering, it is necessary that you choose the option ‘Ajax boost x 50’. When you have successfully registered, go to the Ajax – Rangers FC match and bet on ‘Regular Play Time: Ajax’.
It is important that you specifically choose this bet, otherwise the boost will not take effect. Once you have selected this bet, the option to check the boost will automatically appear. You can bet a maximum of €1 on this, less is of course also allowed.

Does Ajax immediately win the first victory in the group phase of the Champions League? Then your euro will change to fifty euro! Is Rangers too strong for Ajax in Amsterdam or will it be a draw? Then you lose one euro.
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