Special temporary campsites meet great demand

Now that the summer holiday is different for many, entrepreneurs are cleverly responding to the fact that Dutch people prefer to go on holiday in their own country. Temporary campsites shoot like mushrooms out of the ground. FREE stayed a night at the ‘traveling camping De Camphanen in Ewijk.

Within three months Sander Borgert (36) and Victor Stokvis (34) managed to kick the Camphans out of the ground. An idea on a beer mat grew into a full-fledged campsite with a wide variety of vintage campers, from a converted fire engine to the iconic VW T2 Transporter van and a DAF city bus.

We sleep in ‘De Klaploper’, a very cold folding caravan that wiggles back and forth every step. The caravan smells as old as it looks, but functions just as well as modern equivalents. The Klaploper has been expanded with a tent, including that typical tent smell that every camper will recognize. The smell of slow time and relaxation. The fragrance reminiscent of brooding days and tapping raindrops.

Although the men are still struggling to eliminate teething, the atmosphere is good during this opening weekend. Swimming in the adjacent lake, reading on a chair in front of the caravan and having a chat with the neighbours. To wash off two plates and cutlery is enough work for a morning. Hurry is not there. It‘s a lovely feeling.

Camphanen founders Victor and Sander


โ€œSander asked me three months ago for technical advice on his camperโ€, says co-founder Victor Stokvis at the campfire in the evening, after taking a sip of Haarlem’s specialty beer Uiltje.

Until the outbreak of the coronavirus, he was active as an advisor in the motorhome world, but that market was largely on its butt. โ€œI didn‘t know Sander yet, but it turned out that we had the same dream: to set up a campsite.โ€ A week later, the idea was on paper.

De Groene


The first stop of this travelling campsite is recreation area De Groene Helen in the Gelderse Ewijk, near Nijmegen. The place where at the time of writing actually the popular festival Down The Rabbit Hole would take place, but that was canceled. The next season, the campsite will roll on to a different location. โ€œWhere that is going to be is not yet known, but we are open to fun ideas.โ€

However, the concept of the Camphans goes beyond a collection of vintage vehicles. โ€œYou book a camper of your choice, including all amenities,โ€ Borgert told us earlier that day, proudly showing the shower cubicle and the toilet cubicle behind our caravan. โ€œEach van has its own amenities. Linen, towels, cooking set, crockery, mini fridge, outdoor seating, fire pit and trash can are also provided. Consider it a hotel room, but on wheels.โ€

โ€œ The idea is to make motorhome life as we have experienced it accessible to everyone. Right now it’s great to go on an adventure in your own country. Thanks to the camper vans, you can still experience life on the road a little bit.โ€ A message that has clearly arrived at yours truly, because in the meantime my search for a used camper started. A dream I cherished for a long time, but since my weekend at De Camphanen has been revived.

No camping mafia

Also nice: the campers are only bookable per week. โ€œNo groups that are excluded as you sometimes see on other campsites where regular guests set the atmosphere. You really are here for a week on one small property together.โ€

Just like during a multi-day festival, you‘ll live in a bubble on a small piece of grass in a small part of the Netherlands.

In the

evening we eat the day snack that is freshly prepared by De Strandbar, a mobile restaurant plus bar where you can order a meal every night for a habbecrats. In the morning, the bar serves a rich breakfast for a few euros. If you still choose maximum lazing for a week, you can just as well leave cooking on a gas bunch. Today pancakes are on the menu, a classic camping meal. In the open air, they taste better than at home.

In the evening we have a beer, we talk at the campfire, we dance during the silent disco and we fall asleep after โ€” yes, a whรกrme shower. That camping life isn’t so bad.

5x pop-up campsites in the Netherlands

Vintage vehicles

On the Camphans in Ewijk there are 25 unique vintage vehicles, divided into three categories: the 4-person caravan, the 4-person camper and the 5-6-person camper. The vehicles can be booked until 25 September, after which the campers will be stored. Next year, they‘ll be on their way again for a new adventure.


Back to basics

Boscamping de Wildevier in Drouwenerveen (Drenthe) is also a fruit ofthe coronacrisis. Founded by three young freelancers in the festival and cultural events world who suddenly had no work anymore. Unlike pop-up glampings, you go back to the base at Boscamping Wildevier. Lounge in a hammock or grab a good book from the mini library. Adventurous types find themselves on the slacklines or in a canoe on the water. In the evening the campfire goes on and you can enjoy a beer and guitar music. Rent a large or small tent or come with your own tent or camper.


Family- and surf village

Laguna beach in the North Holland Schoorl is a brand new pop-up family and surf village, created from a collaboration between entrepreneurs from the events, culture and hospitality industry. Within walking distance of the dunes and the sea. Book an accommodation (a large family tent, a Mongolian nomadic tent or a teepee) and take advantage of the huge range of activities. Think of supping, Fatmaxxen (crossing the dunes on an electric scooter), mountain biking, golf surfing, beach fitness, windsurfing, beach volleyball and yoga.


View of brewery

Who is the Bob‘-discussions are superfluous now that you can settle down in the furnished tents of the Hertog Jan Tasting Pub-up Summer Camp in Arcen (Limburg). Wake up with the smell of hops and view of the brewery. Sounds like a man’s holiday, but the Pub-Up Summer Camp is just a campsite, but with a culinary and luxurious edge. Book the Prestige tent or Bierra tent, including tastings, dinner and burgundy breakfast. You can also book a tour of the brewery or take a bike tour through the surroundings.

duchjanproeverij.nl/pub-camping Playground

for young and old

Timeless in Erm (Drenthe) is a concept from the creative heart of ID&T, the organisation of festivals such as Mysteryland. By eliminating events, they have been able to discover their passion and love for inspiring adventures in a new way. Timeless is the biggest chill-out of 2020, relaxing, discovering and celebrating freedom at the Ermerstrand in Drenthe. Expect a playground for all ages with relaxing activities. You can bring your own tent or rent a spacious accommodation. Also place for larger groups of friends.



for-rest Glamp in the Gelderse Rekken is a pop-up campsite that focuses on glamping. You can book spacious accommodations such as the luxury suite, a Mongolian nomadic tent, a tiny house or an old-fashioned bedstead. For-rest does not offer space for children, except during the family weeks (until 7 August). There are all kinds of activities such as yoga classes and boat camps or go on the road with the e-moped or e-bike.