Spectacular transformation: tough wrestler as a woman

Former WWE wrestler Gabe Tuft, who from 2007 to 2014 mainly made a furore as Tyler Reks, continues as Gabbi Tuft, a woman.

Tuft, married to Priscilla since 2002 with whom she had a daughter (now 9), announced that herself in a press release. โ€œFrom Gabe to Gabbi,โ€ she writes in it. Tuft confesses that she struggled with her own personality in the last years of her wrestling career.

As Tyler Reks, she made the ring unsafe with high kicks, flying tacklets and an imposing appearance, while Gabe Tuft much preferred to be at home with wife and daughter. In 2014, Tuft said goodbye to the wrestling world and the millions of fans.

According to the press release, she made a transformation from bodybuilder, fitness guru, motivational speaker and motorcycle racer to a cheerful, fabulous woman. โ€œShe is finally free and ready to conquer her own world.โ€ Tuft writes that the last eight months were among the darkest in her life and says that her familys support has dragged her through it.

โ€œ My loving wife, family and my best friends have accepted me as I am. I am forever grateful to them. Your support in this process means more than you will ever realize.โ€

On social media Gabbi Tuft reapes and appreciation for her revelation.