SP’er Ronald van Raak quits as a Member of Parliament after the elections

SP MP Ronald van Raak will not participate in the elections to the House of Representatives in March 2021 and will therefore not return to the House of Representatives. He announced this in a column on the SP website.

He believes that after twenty years it is time to try to achieve his political ideals in a different way. When someone asked him if he wanted to take part in the elections again, he doubted. He came to the conclusion that he should stop.

“Twenty years I fought against neo-liberal politics. It feels strange to stop the moment this time comes to an end.” Van Raak refers to the changing opinion he sees in other political parties about market thinking and individualism in society.

“Right now I’m fighting in parliament for a law for a corrective referendum. All these years I have found great satisfaction in digging and digging, searching and finding, of social wrongs,” he says.

Media democracy

Van Raak observes that a lot has changed during his time as a member of parliament. “One change struck me particularly: parliamentary democracy became a media democracy,” he says. “Politicians discuss problems in all kinds of media and then discuss them again in a parliamentary debate

He says that this has changed the political debate and that many parties are now judging their MPs on their media performance. This calls for a different kind of politician, he says, “for whom the media are no longer a means, but seem to become an end in themselves”.


The heaviness of the work weighs in on his decision, he says. “I also admit that the years count, few people realize how hard it is to be a Member of Parliament. How that puts a strain on your personal life.” He wants to use the coming time to write and think.

Van Raak has been a MP for the SP since 2006. He is the fourth SP MP, after Cem Laรงin, Sadet Karabulut and Frank Futselaar, who will not return after the elections.