Spider-Man, Cult of the Lamb, Farthest Frontier โ€” on the latest Steam chart

The latest Steam chart, where products and games are ordered by revenue for seven days, mainly consists of new products: yes, Steam Deck is still in the first place, but 7 out of 10 are for fresh Releases. The Spider-Man remaster got as close as possible to the top, which critics liked and attracted more than 60,000 simultaneous players on Steam alone on the very first day. Yesterday, this figure rose slightly, to almost 65 thousand people.

Like Spider-Man, two lines in the top 10 are occupied by Cult of the Lamb about an obsessed lamb saved by an ominous a stranger. Now the hero must repay the debt to the savior by creating a sect and recruiting loyal followers.

And yes, the game also immediately attracted a lot of gamers. Farthest Frontier, which appeared in early access, took the fifth place.

And another novelty of the week, the simulator of the manager of the funny university Two Point Campus, is located only on line 7, right in front of Stray, Cyberpunk 2077 and the second season pass of the Guilty fighting game Gear Strive. Chart from August 8 to August 15 Steam Deck; Spider-Man (new); Spider-Man (new); Cult of the Lamb (new); Farthest Frontier (new); Cult of the Lamb (new) ); Two Point Campus (new); Stray; Cyberpunk 2077; Guilty Gear Strive โ€” Season Pass 2 (new) .

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